Ep. 6 Scholarship Success Story: Michael & Michele Christian

Scholarship Success: The Christian Family

Scholarship success: The Christian Family

One of the newest features at The College Money Maze Podcast is our Scholarship Success Stories. We will be profiling parents and students who have successfully navigated this college journey and were able to obtain a scholarship (or many) to fund their own or their child’s education. When Todd and I came up with the concept for the podcast, this topic was the main thing I wanted to do. I thought to myself, why not highlight successful people who have paved the way so others can benefit from their wisdom. There is no need in reinventing the wheel!

Our first set of parents is Michael and Michele Christian. In order to be totally transparent, Michele is a friend of ours from our home town in New Jersey. She is married to Michael and they have two children together, Brandon and Brianna. Michael has an older daughter, Alexis from a prior relationship. Brianna is their oldest daughter who graduated from high school this year and will be attending Rutgers University – New Brunswick Campus (GO SCARLET KNIGHTS!) in the fall. Michele graduated from Seton Hall University and Michael is from the west coast and is an alumna of California State Polytechnic University.

Their top tips for other Parents/Students:

  1. Start looking ASAP! ideally, as soon as they start high school
  2. Good idea to start studying for the PSAT/SAT as soon as possible, preferably in junior year.  Sometimes you get better scores when there is no pressure.
  3. Work hard on the college essay, it is very important.
  4. Listen to your child.  Don’t try to control them or the process.

Links mentioned in this episode:

George School

A Better Chance Program

Johns Hopkins University

Rutgers University, New Brunswick


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