About Us

We are just a brother & sister on a simple mission ……

to get kids into college.

My name is Ellen Reaves and I co-host the podcast with my brother Todd Lovett.  Both of us ae dsc_4034_1b-(ZF-10597-59378-1-006)attended and graduated from Rutgers University. We will both tell you that we had the best time and have maintained many of the close relationships we’ve had with others since then.

This idea for a podcast/business all began in the Spring of 2015 when we began noticing several friends of ours that were posting on Facebook about their kids getting into college.  He has teenage kids and wondered why not many of those friends of ours were sharing any tips about what worked for them and how they were able to get scholarships. It seemed as if everyone was reinventing the wheel and not being forthcoming with information.

At the end of the summer, we decided to start a podcast, journaling his families experience getting the kids into college and finding scholarships to pay for it. We wanted to interview other parents who have been successful at this as well as industry experts that can share their own tips and words of wisdom about the admission process as well as the financial path you have to maneuver.  Thus came the name – The College Money Maze Podcast. You can subscribe to the podcast in iTunes to listen on your IOS device or if you have an ANDROID device, download the STITCHER app and now GOOGLE PLAY Music!  We appreciate you giving us a rating and review while you are there.

We are both passionate about this. We have the sole intent to help others by sharing all of the information that we uncover.  In the process, we believe that we can save YOU time and money by understanding that starting early is the name of the game.  People often focus on paying for college after they have been excepted.  We submit to you that the smart thing to do is to focus on the money first! Applying for and securing scholarships is also the smartest way to pay for college which will help fill-in the gap and reduce the dependence on student loans.

siblingsWe get excited discovering scholarships no one has every heard of before.

We would love to work with you to help you through the college money maze. We have a couple of affordable consulting packages that walks you through the finances of college, assists in securing scholarships and reduces the overwhelm.  Complete the contact form below or send me an email so we can schedule a complimentary call to see if we are a good fit. Click HERE to schedule your FREE consultation call today.

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