Ep. 11 The Role of the High School Counselor: Are There Other Options For YOU?

Jul 31 2015_43Today’s interview is with a woman who has over 25+ years of experience in the role of the high school counselor, college administration and now as a college and career coach with her own business. www.collegeandcareermatters.com

Dr. Tawna Schmidt talks at length about the role of the highs school counselor, how their “additional” responsibilities keep them from helping students and how to maximize this relationship.

The typical counselor to student ratio (1:250) is an indication that these professionals are overwhelmed with their current duties but they are the first contact most students have with the college admission process.

Helpful resources:

Occupational Outlook Handbook

FREE Guide for Parents/Student: Top 19 Financial Aid Questions to Ask



Ep.10 Utilizing an Academic Life Coach for Your College Bound Student

We welcome to The College Money Maze Podcast a guest expert and fellow podcaster – Gretchen Wegner. She is a co-host of the College Prep Podcast and is also an Academic Life Coach.

Gretchen WegnerGretchen is an Academic Life Coach and Creativity Consultant that specializes in the “Anti-Boring” approach to studying and creating better life skills. She is fascinated with the

interplay between our brains and our bodies and uses her theatrical experience in her coaching with students. She talks at great length about the difference between a “tutor” vs. “academic life coach”.

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TWEET THIS: Perfectionism and Procrastination are two sides of the same coin.

-Gretchen Wegner


Her tips for not-stressing out on the admissions tests:

  • Create a routine & reward system for yourself
  • Study groups are always helpful
  • Take as many practice tests as possible
  • Check out the YouTube channel for Megan Dorsey (her co-host on the College Prep Podcast) for other tips on the SAT & ACT – MEGAN DORSEY

Links to contact her and her resources:


Anti-Boring Technique Course



Ep. 2 Let’s Meet Charlie

On this episode of the College Money Maze Podcast we introduce you to Charlie, Todd’s son (Ellen’s favorite nephew, shhhh! Don’t tell her other nephews). Charlie and his sister, Jordan is the main inspiration for us doing this podcast. This is a one-on-one interview between Ellen and Charlie. She gets him to talk briefly about his current interests in school and which courses he has chosen for his sophomore year in high school.


The final subject she tackles with Charlie is exploring various career possibilities such as working with people, ideas, things or data. This exercise is called the World of Work and can be found on the ACT website. There are other resources to explore college and career options on the College Board website.


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