Ep. 5 Our First College Visit: HBCU Cheyney University

The College Money Maze gang went to our first college visit, HBCU Cheyney University and we discuss our experiences from different perspectives: being a minority, having attended and graduated from a larger university and looking at the college student experience.

Our first college visit, HBCU Cheyney University

Our first college visit, HBCU Cheyney University

Cheyney is located in Cheyney, PA and situated in a rural setting. You could pass the entrance on this dirt road and never know it. The signage from the main road is not very large or apparent. Using your GPS might also get you lost.

The University has a lot to offer first year students. The tour guide walked us around the campus and showed us the residence halls, the computer lab, the student center, the arts center the place on campus where the Divine Nine (Black Greek Fraternities and Sororities) call their hangout.

The Keystone Honor Programs is a highlight of the school and if you are one of the recipients of the scholarships, you have perks that go along with it such as first choice of housing and free tuition.

Cheyney University is one of the more affordable schools in the region with Tuition for in-state students full time at about $5,000 per semester. Out-of-state students would pay on average $7,500 per semester. You should also plan for an additional $6,000 for room/board/meal plan. If you are interested in their financial aid application or general information, go to the website and contact the financial aid office.

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Ep. 4 Scholarship Search Expert: Ashley Hill

In this episode of The College Money Maze Podcast, we have our first guest expert, Ashley Hill (author, blogger, speaker)from collegeprepready.com. She details her background and experience with researching and securing over $10k in scholarship/internships while attending Kent State University in Ohio and received her Master’s Degree from A.T. Still University.

Scholarship Strategist Ashley Hill

Scholarship Strategist Ashley Hill

After college, she started her own business as a Scholarship Search Strategist and assists families who don’t qualify for financial aid and feel overwhelmed with paying for college. She is the author of the book – Celebrating the Journey: Rediscovering Me. Use our affiliate link for Amazon and pick it up HERE.Ashley hosts a weekly Twitter chat @9pm EST #collegechat

Ashley’s top tips for creating the best profile to win those scholarships in 2015 (other than merit based):

  • Include volunteer experience
  • Highlight your leadership skills
  • Diversify your activities
  • Chronicle your academic achievements

Ashley even talks about the scholarships for college students in their 2nd, 3rd, 4th and graduate students.

Best resource that she suggests for searching for scholarships:


Sallie Mae Scholarships Toolkit

Scholarships Books – Shop at Amazon.com

How to Contact Ashley:


Contact her on Twitter – @Prepfourcollege

Ashley’s Facebook Page – Prep4College

Ashley’s You Tube Channel

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