Ep. 40 Selecting the Right College: Using Data to Make Better Decisions

Selecting the right collegeThis episode is an interview with Bill Phelan, co-founder of College Factual to discuss how data can help a student make a better decision by selecting the right college. This site is a data driven website that allows you to discover your unique strengths, matches you with the best major and begins selecting the right college according to that information. They publish significant data on their site for athletes, first year students as well as work with the Veteran’s Administration to identify veteran friendly colleges (@studentvets).

“An adult can make a bad decision and file for bankruptcy. A student at age 18 that makes a bad decision can’t walk away from their debt, student loans cannot be discharged in bankruptcy court”.

The goal is to have the most updated information about the true cost of a college, determine the value of selecting that major and what are the best colleges for that major and the outcome of your earning potential. This is also a great resource for Asian students since they have an office in #Beijing for the Chinese parents and students.

Changing the course while in college can be costly. The latest statistics suggest that 76% of students change their major once and then 50% of those students change their major for the second time.  The COST of each change is about $45,000

Links mentioned in this episode:

The College Money Maze MASTERCLASS – May7, 2016 (for those in the NJ area)

College Factual

Contact them:  FACEBOOK, Twitter, LinkedIN

USA Today College Rankings @USATodayCollege


Scholarship SpotlightThe Shawn Carter Foundation Scholarship (in honor of Beyonce’s new album – Lemonade)

They offer varies scholarships for students up to the age of 25.  You must be at least a high school senior, received a GED, undergraduate or graduate student, U.S. citizen or permanent resident with a 2.0 GPA to qualify. @beyonce @S_C_



Ep. 37 The 8 Life Skills All 18 Year Olds Should Have: A Checklist for Parents

If you believe that mastering several basic life skills is what has made you successful, you will love this episode. The podcast features Bridgette Lovett, wife of the our co-host Todd Lovett. We embark on a conversation about life skills that I came across from an article on the 8 Life Skills All 18 years old Should have•website Today.com: 8 Life Skills All 18 Year Old Should Have.  This was an opportunity to assess how their son Charlie “measures up” and scores on this checklist. You can view this checklist and see how your child’s life skills compares.

  1. An 18 year old must be able to talk to strangers
  2. An 18 year old must be able to find his way around a campus, the town in which her summer internship is located, or the city where he is working or studying abroad.
  3. An eighteen year old must be able to manage his assignments, workload and deadlines.
  4. An 18 year old must be able to contribute to the running of a household.
  5. An 18 year old must be able to handle interpersonal problems.
  6. An 18 year old must be able to cope with ups and downs of courses and workloads, college-level work, competition, tough teachers, bosses and others.
  7. An 18 year old must be able to earn and manage money.
  8. An 18 year old must be able to take risks.

Do you think there are “other life skills that should be added to this list” Leave us a comment below. #howtoraiseanadult


Ep. 31 How 2 Win College Scholarships

This episode is with Monica Matthews, mom, author of the eBook – How To Win College Scholarships: A Guide for Parents in 10 Easy Steps.  She talks about how she was able to secure $100,000 in scholarships for her son who was studying aerospace engineering.  She give you great tips on how to be successful and where to start.  Here is a link to her book on Amazon:


How To Win College Scholarships: A Guide for Parents in 10 Easy Steps.

Her 5 tips for parents:

  1. Start where you are. Get organized and keep all of the college & scholarship info in one place.
  2. Look on other high school websites for scholarships
  3. Be proactive and talk early & talk often to the high school counselor
  4. Submit your scholarship application on nice stationary paper to stand out from the crowd. Review it carefully and make sure no errors.  Pay attention to the order of attachments and the word limit on essays.  The little things matter.
  5. Create your own website on WIX.com that can highlight  your pictures and accomplishments to supplement you application.

She recently engaged on twitter during her weekly “twitter chat” with a representative from the Coca Cola Scholars Foundation.  She quoted them as saying:

[spp-tweet tweet=”“We are looking for students who have a passion to make a difference, are committed to service and are leaders in the school and community”. Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation”]

Contact info for Monica:

Website – How2WinScholarships.com

Twitter –  @AidScholarship – Campus Chat (1st Wednesday 1-2pm EST)

Email – how2winscholarhsips@gmailcom

Scholarship Spotlight: Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation

This is an achievement based award that provides 150 graduating high school seniors with a 4- year scholarship of $20,000 each.  Students are recognized for their capacity to lead and serve, and their commitment to making a significant impact on their schools and communities.  The application period is August – October. Click HERE for more info.

Ep. 17 How To Find the Right College

How To Rind The RIGHT COLLEGE eBook

In today’s episode, we welcome admissions expert Regina Paul.  She and Marie Segares host the podcast – NY COLLEGE CHAT.  She talks in depth about a special kind of high school program that she works at that combines high school curriculum with university level coursework.

They have taken their professional knowledge as educators, the information they have shared on their podcast, their experience working with families and created a book – HOW TO FIND THE RIGHT COLLEGE: A Workbook for Parents of High School Students.

Marie Segares and Regina Paul










Links in today’s episode:

The eBOOK: HOW TO FIND THE RIGHT COLLEGE: A Workbook for Parents of High School Students

Contact Info:

NY College Chat Podcast

Policy Studies Inc.


Facebook: NY College Chat





Ep. 15 What it Takes to Be a Gates Millennium Scholar

Gates Millennium Scholar

Gates Millennium Scholar

In this episode, we talk with Gates Millennium Scholar Amanda Mims.  She is an alumna of the program and one of their most vocal ambassadors.  She talks about her journey to be a Gates Millennium Scholar and we profile this success story to highlight what it takes to make it to the top.  2016 is the last year of the funding for this program and we encourage you to share this information with everyone you know and have them apply.  Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

Links mentioned in this episode:

Gates Millennium Scholars Program

Tougaloo College

The University of Southern Mississippi



Ep. 3 College Planning Pt. 1

college planning

college planning

On this episode of The College Money Maze Podcast, Todd and Ellen discuss college planning for 9th and 10th grade students and parents. Todd measures his families’ activities against this checklist and provides commentary on their strategy as it relates to Charlie and his skills. This checklist can be found on the College Board website. The checklist also includes a comprehensive section for juniors (11th grade students) and seniors (12th grade students) as well. You can access your copy of the checklist by clicking here.

Other items that are discussed are Todd’s story about his experience as a freshman at Rutgers University and their Army ROTC Program.   Ellen confesses that her original desire for a college choice was to attend Montclair State University, but we know how that turned out.

Did you change your mind about YOUR college selection? If so, tell us about it and what the factors were that you needed to consider. Leave us a comment here or on our join the College Money Maze Community on Facebook and share there.

Resource Links:

College Board

Big Future

Rutgers University

Montclair State University

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