Ep. 19 Creating College Lists for the Home Schooled Student Athlete – DIY Style

Michelle-Kretzschmar-250Our guest on the podcast today is Michelle Kretzschmar, author and founder of DIYCollegeRankings.com.  Here website is a resource for parents interested in a streamlined approach to college recruiting for the student athlete as well as searchable college lists (in Excel) that contain demographics and ranking criteria.

This searchable spreadsheet is great for anyone that loves research, loves data and wants the information at your fingertips. This will save you time from going to each of the college websites and be able to compare your choices, side by side.  The existing search options are confusing and hard the data is hard to locate.

She is the author of Creating College Lists: Your Guide to Using College Website to Pay Less for a Better EducationShe writes in detail about how imperative it is to narrow down your search for college by analyzing the correct variables on each college’s website.  The benefit is that she has done it for you to save time and more important MONEY!  You can pick up her book (using our affiliate link, we will earn a commission and you help support the show) on our resource page HERE or get it on AMAZON HERE.

If you are child is interested in playing college baseball, soccer or softball you can find Michelle’s college lists and searchable spreadsheets for these specific sports on her website.  She charges a nominal fee for these spreadsheets but you SAVE time and money because she has done all of the research for you. You can access them by clicking on our affiliate links below:
GET The DIY College Spreadsheet!
Baseball Spreadsheet!
Soccer Spreadsheet!
Softball Spreadsheet!

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