Ep. 30 Should You Consider Community College?

Scholarship Spotlight: The Generation Google Scholarship


Google Scholarship

For current university, community college students and high school seniors in the US or Canada for the 2016-2017 school year who are interested in pursuing computer science or computer engineering degree.  If you are a student from an underrepresented group in computer science (African American, Hispanic or American Indian. You will be required to attend Google Computer Science Summer Institute this summer 2016.  Deadline March 3, 2016.

This is our first video on the College Money Maze Podcast (As a brother/sister dynamic duo, do you think we look alike?).  We were experimenting with a new platform called ZOOM.  Great for meetings, trainings, presentations, interviews, etc…

Our topic today about community college was inspired by an article that I came across from The Washington Post “What’s wrong with going to a community college? How two-year colleges can be better than four-year universities.”

We even get into politics and reference President Obama’s plan #PresidentObamaFreeCommunityCollege for community college education and also what Democratic Candidate for President, Senator Bernie Sanders #BernieSandersFreeTuition talks about making college tuition free.

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