Lack of Community Service May Be Keeping Your Child From Getting Scholarships

community serviceWe can all agree that participating  in community service is a good thing, for everyone. Does your child understand how vital it is to getting scholaships? Most foundations or non-profit organizations that administer scholarships are looking for students who are service-minded, who care about others and put the time toward charitable causes.

The other benefits of community service are character building traits such as compassion, empathy and leadership. These traits help shape your child into a responsible, caring global citizen.

If you are the parent of a junior or senior you might be thinking that it is too late for them to make a difference. It is not too late to have them involved in community service. There are various ways to incorporate service into their busy schedules. They can become a member of an established club such as boy/girl scouts or something more simple such as participating in a neighborhood clean-up or community garden.  There are endless volunteer opportunities in most cities that can accommodate youth who want to serve. They can select one or two activities per month and have the organization keep track of their service hours and prepare a letter  to submit with their scholarship application.

Community service or volunteer experience is one of the most effective ways to differentiate your child from the other applicants. It helps them shine above the rest along with great test scores, challenging coursework and great communication skills.


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