Ep. 67 Making Good Credit Decisions ‪#‎preparingtheyouth‬

Credit Decisions

Your Credit Teaches You how Alive You Are…


Today’s conversation is like being back home. So warm, comfortable even if we are talking about credit. Our guest, Timika Massey is an Account Executive and Sales Director with FES. This is a credit counseling service that also has a 501C3 nonprofit foundation that provides scholarships for high school seniors and college freshman.

You will have to pardon the background noise and laughter but we had a great time prior to recording reminiscing and continued into the podcast.

The purpose for having her on is to promote their scholarship (YFLFoundation.org) and encourage students to apply for (one of the 40 awards) up to $25000. DEADLINE DECEMBER 15, 2016.

The other conversation I initially wanted to talk about was the importance of credit education, youth financial literacy but time got away from us – we will definitely have her back in a couple of months.

She does talk in the beginning of the dangers of students making poor credit decisions at college, it can ruin your future and saddle you with debt that can take years and years to pay off.  Don’t make the mistake of falling for the t-shirt or shiny tech gadget in return for applying for a credit card. It is not worth the headache. USE CREDIT RESPONSIBLY.

Her mantra is – EDUCATION IS POWER! ‪#‎preparingtheyouth‬

Your Credit is Your Other Vital Sign!  Timika Massey, Ms. CREDucation

Here are links mentioned in this episode:

SCHOLARSHIP Opportunity!!! – Youth Financial Literacy Foundation

Financial Education Services

Timika’s email – 4thebestscore@gmail.com

Contact her – TEXT the word “BESTSCORE” to #76626

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