Ep. 24 Review of Scholarship Search Websites

Review of Top ScholarshipSearch Website

Today’s episode is a continuation of our series on scholarships.  We review several of the top scholarship search websites for you to save you time and aggravation. Your welcome.

We cover a total of six of the major scholarship search websites that are more well-known.  This is not an exhaustive list but a condensed list in which we talk honestly about how to navigate each site as well as the pros and cons.

What they mostly have in common is that you have to create a login/password, usually answer several questions to complete your profile and sort or filter your search.

NOTE: If you are interested in working with us one-on-one to help you (as the student) or your child, search for, complete and secure scholarship, contact us HERE.  We are offering our consulting services to ease your frustration, save you time and be the ones to follow-up with the student.  We are also developing workshops presentations.  If your group is interested in having us present scholarship information to them, contact us HERE.  We will be posting more about this not he website soon.

Our series on scholarships:

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Scholarship search websites mentioned in this episode:


  • review of college statistics
  • matches you to your ideal college
  • matches you to internships
  • has a section for textbooks for sale or rent


  • Book section to rent, buy or sell
  • Study section to ask questions of experts on any college topic
  • matches you with subject matter tutor
  • listing of internships
  • listing of pt/entry-level jobs for college students
  • streaming music section


  • lead app developer/creator was seen/funded on “SHARK TANK
  • downloadable app in ITunes
  • $2.99 fee for app and website access/membership
  • very large database of scholarships


  • receive email notifications when new scholarships are listed that fit your profile
  • very large database of scholarships including “generic” criteria


  • large database and listing of merit scholarships
  • great selection of categories to filter and refine your search


  • most well known site with largest database
  • comprehensive in scope of information
  • resources and tools for high school guidance counselor or youth counselor



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