Ep. 26 FAFSA Series Pt. 2: EFC & CSS Profile


FAFSA Series Pt. 2: EFC & CSS #FAFSA #Financialaid


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This episode is part two of the four part FAFSA Series: EFC & CSS.  The EFC is the acronym for Expected Family Contribution.  This is the minimum amount of money that colleges expect you (the parent or student) to pay toward college costs.  Colleges use a formula to calculate the EFC for every student that is seeking need-based financial aid. You submit your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) which contains details about your income and assets, colleges use that information to determine your EFC and if you qualify for need-based federal aid (and some state aid as well).

The CSS Profile is an additional form that some colleges require along with the FAFSA to determine if you qualify for institutional aid.  There are about 300 hundred colleges that require this form and consider themselves very selective.  This form goes into greater detail about family assets, extended family assets, student assets etc…

We provide concrete examples of how to calculate financial need as well.  That is result of taking the total cost of attendance (tuition, room & board, fees, expenses, travel), subtract your EFC (expected family contribution) and the sum is the students financial need.

$28,000 Total Cost of College A

$13, 500 is the EFC


$14, 500 is the students financial need

Most financial aid offices attempt to meet as much the students financial need (not your portion) as possible for those that they choose to admit into the school.  There is often a gap at this point. The gap is the balance of the financial need that remains UNMET.  The student would often consider taking out a student loan.  Oftentimes, part of the financial aid package would contain subsidized or unsubsidized parent or student loans.

We are suggesting you supplement or replace the gap with SCHOLARSHIPS.

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Links mention in this episode:


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