Ep. 23 The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarship Programs for High Achieving, Low-Income Scholars

Jack Kent Cooke Scholars Program

Jack Kent Cooke Scholars Program

This episode introduces to many of you for the first time, the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation.  As my guest (no co-host today) is Larry Thi, Alumni (of the Cooke Scholars) & Outreach Associate for the foundation.  This title fits him perfectly because he is one of the Cooke Scholars.  He provides us with all of the details about the foundation, its’ mission and vision as well as the  many programs that the foundation sponsors.  More importantly, he talks about the scholarships that are available for incoming scholars, current college students and even 5th year students.

The programs of the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation:12088281_900211743399087_3551134447181632277_n

  • Young Scholars Program – educational advising and financial support for students from 8th grade through high school. Apply Jan- April
  • College Scholarship Program – scholarship for high achieving high school seniors with financial need (up to $40k/year). Apply Sept – Nov
  • Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship – top national community college students looks to complete their bachelors’s at selective four-year colleges or universities. Apply Oct – Dec

Here are his best tips for scholars to maximize financial aid, scholarships and grants:

  1.  Initially your focus is on finding your fit and getting into college
  2. Figure out how to pay for it
  3. Creating a financial aid plan is critical.
  4. Don’t forget about a viable scholarship plan: know if the scholarship is a local, state or national scholarship award. A good rule of thumb is to apply for 3-5 local, 1-2 state and 1-2 national scholarships –
  5. Keep a chart/spreadsheet of all your essays that you use for college admission applications and recycle them for scholarships
  6. Be strategic about where you apply, focus on those colleges that will give you more institutional aid
  7. IVY League schools give out a lot of need-based aid, don’t avoid them because of the sticker price)

Schools mentioned in this episode:

Drexel University

Temple University

Lehigh University

Gettysburg College

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Motto: THINK BIG, WORK HARD AND ACHIEVE


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