Ep. 55 Meet Justin: A Future Law School Student

JustinOn this episode, we have a conversation with Todd’s nephew (from his wife’s side of the family) Justin. He is a Senior at John Jay College of Criminal Justice (part of the CUNY system) in Brooklyn, NY. He has decided to double major in Anthropology and Pre-Law.

Our conversation revolves around the decision he has made about  being a potential law school student, scholarships, internships and career options.

What you will hear is how his thought process is shaped by his environment.  Meaning, he wants to go to school in NY, have an internship in NY but it sounds like he has limited his options. I encourage him to consider NJ which is a train ride across the Hudson.

I also try to have him not straddle the fence with the two majors and focus on one specifically. He indicates that he wants to go to law school, that is where is passion is.

We really encourage him to keep an open mind in terms of where he attends law school. Sometimes you have to go where the money is. Let’s listen in…

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CUNY (The City University of New York)

John Jay College of Criminal Justice

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Rutgers School of Law

Brooklyn Law School



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