Ep. 22 Need MORE Money for College? Find Your Scholarships Here

The episode of the College Money Maze Podcast is a chockful of nothing but scholarships.  If you need more money for college, this is the place to start. You may have received your acceptance letters, if so, CONGRATULATIONS!  Now is the time to figure ouCollege Moneyt can you afford to attend that school that accepted you.

Your acceptance letter included awards from the institution for either merit aid, internal scholarships, federal aid, state aid and an offer for student loans to make up the difference.  We are suggesting you start exploring additional scholarships NOW.

Here is a list to start with that you may qualify for.  A few tips and reminders:

  1. Keep track of deadlines
  2. Apply for as many as possible (at least 30)
  3. Know whether or not the scholarship automatically renews or if you have to reapply each year
  4. Recycle your essays
  5. Proof read your application and essays

Here are the scholarships and links mentioned in this episode:

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