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We provide you with weekly information related to all things college money, financial aid, SCHOLARSHIPS and sprinkle in college admissions tips and more.  You can go to the home page to find all of the episodes in order or click on the link below based on the category you are interested in:


Success Stories

Ep. 6 Scholarship Success Story: Michael & Michele Christian

Ep. 15 What it Takes to Be A Gates Millennium Scholar

Ep. 16 How to Start College Planning & the Black Kids College Project

Ep. 29 Scholarship Success Story: Meet Briana!

Ep. 31 How2Win College Scholarships

Ep. 33 College Success & DEBT FREE

Ep. 39 Winning $1Million in College Scholarships, Without Being the Cream of the Crop

Ep. 59 Scholarship Success Story: Pam Andrews, The Scholarship Shark

Ep. 60 Academics + Athletics= Admissions, A Scholarship Success Story in Athletic Recruiting



Ep. 4 Scholarship Search Expert: Ashley Hill

Ep. 22 Need MORE Money for College? Find Your SCHOLARSHIPS Here

Ep. 23 The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Programs for High Achieving Low-Income Scholars

Bonus: Super Scholarship Secrets from The College Savvy Coach

Ep. 24 Review of Scholarship Search Websites

Ep. 34 Scholarships for First Generation Students & Athletes

Ep. 50 Unique Summer Scholarship Bonanza: I Bet You Never Heard of THESE…

Ep. 61 Success Principle 4 Life: Michael Jones & The I CAN Foundation

Ep. 64 Scholarships for Students with Disabilities

Ep. 69 How to Get Scholarships via Text #GenZ


College Choices

Ep. 17 How to Find The Right College

Ep. 30 Should You Consider Community College

Ep. 36 Have You Considered an Online Degree?

Ep. 40 Selecting the Right College: Using Data to Make Better Decisions

Ep. 42 How to “DO” College, Design Your Career w/Internships & Dump the Debt

Ep. 43 Selecting a College Despite a Food Allergy

Ep. 56 Colleges that Meet 100% Financial Need

Ep. 66 Out-of-State Colleges: Yea or Nay?

Ep. 68 Reconsidering Community College? They Have DORMS Now!


Financial Aid 

Ep. 9 Financial Aid 101

Ep. 21 Financial Aid Myths & Tips

Ep. 27 FAFSA Series Pt. 3: Who Are Your Parents?

Ep. 28 FAFSA Series Pt. 4: Your FAFSA Application

BONUS: Comparing Financial Aid Offers

Ep. 41 Why Millennials Can’t Get State Aid

Ep. 45 GAP Year, Alumni and What If I lose my Financial Aid?

Ep. 53 The College Money Puzzle Part 2: Financial Aid & Scholarships

Ep. 58 Didn’t Get Enough Financial Aid? Here Are Your Other Options


EFC/Net Price Calculator

Ep. 8 Have You Calculated ALL Your College Costs?

Ep. 25 FAFSA Series Pt. 1: Getting Organized

Ep. 26 FAFSA Series Pt. 2: EFC & CSS Profile

Ep. 52  The College Money Puzzle Part 1: EFC & Net Price Calculator