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Social Media & Scholarship Search Strategies




Take this journey with Eric and see how it all began with his life story in, “The Secret to Success”! He will share with you the hardships and principles he learned on his journey to success. Then move on to Eric’s sophomore release, “Greatness Is Upon You”. Now it’s time for you to take a journey. In this self-help book Eric shares you with 21 life changing principles on how to reach and sustain GREATNESS!
The Scholarship System.  This is a book that is actually a step-by-step blueprint that teaches you all about college funding and guides you through the scholarship process.  The author, Jocelyn Paonita Pearson was able to earn $125k in scholarships and graduate DEBT FREE!

How To Win College Scholarships. This eBook was written with the parent in mind.  The author, Monica Matthews, was able to secure $100K in college scholarships for her son was an aerospace engineer.  She gives simple easy tips in  step-by-step format.


Getting IN by Standing Out.  This book comes highly recommended by several educators from various universities. The concepts discussed bring to light the need for college applicants to differentiate themselves from the pack in order to get into college, get scholarships etc…

Creating College Lists. This book is written by a guest on the podcast.  She talks in detail about how imperative it is to narrow down your search for college by analyzing the correct variables on each college’s website.  The benefit is that you save time and more important MONEY!




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