Ep. 69 How to Get Scholarships via Text: #GenZ

Scholarships via Text for #GenZ


If you don’t know what to call your teenager, don’t call them a Millennial.

#GenZ (or  also known as iGeneration)are profoundly different.  Born after 1995, have grown up with amazing technology, are more entrepreneurial and less focused than the previous generation.

Today’s guest has found a great way to service #GenZ with info about scholarships (via text messages) and more efficient ways to pay for college: NEXTGENVEST.com.

Kelly Peeler is the founder and chats at length about her business and how she is delivering scholarships, advice and assistance to high school and college students all over text message communication. She has a team of trained college students that she call – MONEY MENTORS who are paired with a student and help them with whatever is needed.

The average attention span of #GenZ is about 8 seconds! NextGenVest gets their attention by using various tactics such a delivery of pizza, DD gift card or other incentives to get your kids to do the things that YOU (the parent) can’t get them to do.

NextGenVest also has a robust SNAPCHAT channel in which students can view college campuses virtually through tours conducted daily. How awesome is that!

The overall mission is to erase student loan debt and help students get through college with no debt. She believes that students can easily digest complex concepts around money or finances  in 140 characters.

Links mentioned in this episode:

NextGenVest.com (Use the promo code MONEYMAZE for a discount!!!!)

Connect via SNAPCHAT

Connect via INSTAGRAM

Connect via FACEBOOK

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