Ep. 47 The Summer Guide for Juniors




How will your child and the other High School Juniors spend their summer? Will they be laying around playing video games? Will the juniors be working at a summer job at the beach? Will they be reading a book a week to or preparing for the SAT’s? Using the summer months wisely is the name of the game to improve your profile and be a more attractive applicant to colleges and scholarship committees next year.


Here is a suggested list of activities for Juniors that is discussed in this episode:

  1. Find a mentor/Internship/Conduct a Job Observation.
  2. Begin to assess your college priorities: small school vs. large school/ private vs. public/ instate vs. out-of-state etc…
  3. Conduct College visits for the summer, make a vacation out of it.
  4. Take this time to get some volunteering done and on that resume!
  5. READ! READ! READ! 30 minutes of reading will improve their writing/speaking skills
  6. Find a summer job and get that MONEY and EXPERIENCE you are looking for.
  7. Take a test-prep course or a practice SAT/ACT test during the summer.

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