Ep. 72 Scholarship Succes Story: $100k for Adult Students!

Money for Adult StudentsThe majority of those searching for scholarships today are high school students or their parents. Believe it or not, adult students need scholarships too!

Today’s episode is a great conversation with Shay Spivey who tells us how to earn over $100,000 in scholarships for adult students. She is living proof that it is possible.

Her story is one of determination, focus, disappointment but reassurance that there is hope for adults who return to school to further their education.  She has written several books about her journey which details the steps that it takes to be a scholarship success which applies to high school and adult students alike.

One great time she share for adult students is to not be intimidated with attending classes with younger students. Get a mentor within your major department to help with focus on your goals and visit the multi-cultural center if looking for scholarships.

Here are some tips for parents or students getting started:

  1. Start at least 1 year in advance (no later than junior year). January through may is the “THE” optimal time to be filling out scholarship applications.
  2. Meet and talk with the H.S. Guidance Counselor. They are there to help with the transition. Many schools even have a College/Career center located at the school with resources.
  3. Contact the scholarship office at the colleges that you are applying to. Many students do no utilize this office. Most know where the financial aid office but not the scholarship office.
  4. Online search websites such as FASTWEB or SCHOLARSHIP.com

Tips on how to create a winning scholarship application:

  • Collect 1-3 letter of recommendation IN ADVANCE. Don’t want until the last minute and make numerous copies.
  • GET ORGANIZED with a binder or folder to keep track of letters from colleges.
  • Put together a GREAT ACADEMIC RESUME. It contains not only grades or test scores, but also extracurricular activities such as clubs or sports. This is just one page summary.
  • Get involved in community service – THIS IS KEY!

“Foundations want to give back to students who give back to someone else!”   Shay Spivey

Tips to Parents who have “UNMOTIVATED” kids:

  1. DON’T GIVE UP – it is worth it. They will thank you later. Don’t let their attitude deter you.
  2. Start with 1/2 hour each night. Any more than that will turn them off.
  3. Have your student write out their “personal essay” NOW, ahead of time. You can recycle it within the numerous scholarship applications. The purpose of the personal essays is to have the student articulate their career goals, academic goals and describe what having that higher education would do for them.


Contact Shay Spivey:

Twitter – @ShayMSpivey

FACEBOOK – www.facebook.com/authorshayspivey

Email – shayspivey@yahoo.com