Ep. 66 Out-of-State Colleges: Yea or Nay?

Out-of-state collegesThis episode is for you if any out-of-state colleges are at the top of your list. We discuss the pros and cons of why students migrate to schools in other states and why they might stay home.  There are advantages and disadvantages of both.

Let’s just assume you have at least 5 colleges on your list that you are looking at attending. We will assume that it includes at least one in-state public university for the lower cost factor, one flagship larger in-state private college and three out-of-state reasonable public universities. For the sake of this example, this would play out that the in-state public school would not offer you a lot of financial aid or scholarships because your average or even above scores are what they expect. You look more attractive to the out-of-state public university because of the diversity and the “allure” of being from somewhere else. These schools offer you MORE money to cross state lines and enroll with them.  The only thing to consider is your transportation expenses if it is not within driving distance for you to travel back and forth home.

This is not a hard and fast rule.  This is merely an observation. I suggest you prove me wrong and apply more than one in-state school and see what king of offer you get in terms of financial aid and scholarships (don’t look at the student loans).

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Colleges mentioned in this episode:

Arizona State University

Ohio State

Penn State

Rutgers University



University of Alabama

University of Pittsburgh

University of South Carolina