How to Use Social Media Like a #KARDASHIAN to Get Into College

#kardashian and social media

#kardashian and social media branding

To be clear, the only Kardashian with a college degree is KOURTNEY #kourtneykardash. This blog post is not how to use social media to take a bunch of selfies and become rich and famous but rather a lesson in how to BRAND YOU, LIKE A BOSS!

Let’s just start off by saying what this blog is NOT suggesting. We are NOT suggesting that you spend all of your time on social media tweeting about what you had for lunch or even about the hair products you use. We ARE suggesting that you use social media to your advantage by crafting your own BRAND/storyline/image that reflects your values in a positive manner using the same tactics that all of the Kardashians use.

First, gather an amazing team of people around you that will promote all that you do. Most celebrities have publicists, managers and assistants that promote them to their loyal followers on social media. Your goal as a college-bound student is to have your TEAM promote all your activities, achievements and accomplishments on social media and share it with others. This does not stop at parents but should also include teachers, counselors, coaches and mentors. For example, create your own website to house all your videos such as WIX (especially if you are an artist and need to showcase your work). Another suggestion would be to take pictures and post them of your community service projects or if you are an athlete, that great score you made in the game (your highlights on YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM)

Second, align yourself with other cool brands and your “star power” instantly increases. All of the Kardashians (Kim, Klohe, Kourtney, Kylie & Kendal) (#kardashianpedia) get paid a lot of money to endorse other brands. Those brands instantly see an increase in their products’ popularity. One way to use this tactic is to get VERY VERY familiar with the college that you are interested in attending by researching all there is to know about the school. Make sure their mission aligns with your career goals. By attending their events (with your pics of their open house, sports games or other activities) it shows your commitment to their community, and they take notice of that.

And finally, contribute to the conversation. Many people want to know what the Kardashians have to say. A single tweet from them can be worth millions to a brand. What do you have to say? Engage in conversation with the college. They want to communicate with you over social media. Comment on their blog posts, retweet their information to your friends, give them your feedback on a relevant topic related to your intended major etc… These are all ways that you begin to express yourself. It is not about being right or wrong. It is all about them getting to know you more and more.