Ep. 65 Assess Your Kids Skills NOW for College & Career Options

career options

Career Options

Today’s episode is a discussion on how to get your child to figure out a college major and/or career path.  GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!

Have you tried to get an answer to this question from a teenager: What do you want to study in college? All you get are blank stares and shrugged shoulders.  They don’t have a clue.

You don’t know how to guide them through the process.  Another question you would ask would be: What do you like to do? SAME ANSWER.

We have a different approach.

Try having them take a skills assessment test or exercise.  A great place to start is at BIG FUTURE, part of The College Board website.  They have a section on career planning that allows them to input some of their skills (using specific keywords) plus interests, and the website suggests a college major, helpful high school courses to take NOW as well as a list of related careers.  It is not overwhelming for them.  They can explore different areas, which opens their mind to the potential that is inside them.  Isn’t that what we are hoping for? That THEY are able to discover what they want to DO?

Using this as a planning tool for the rest of their high school course selection is a smart way to get ahead of others, keeps them focused on their goal and ultimately helps in the college selection process. Knowing what you want to major in will enable them to narrow down their choices to the best “fit” college that has the major/program that they want to participate in.

This does not have to be a forever choice. Just a starting point. Many people, such as myself, started college with one major, graduated with another major and have not had a job in that field since. It is not the end of the world. JUST THE BEGINNING OF THEIR FUTURE!