Ep. 37 The 8 Life Skills All 18 Year Olds Should Have: A Checklist for Parents

If you believe that mastering several basic life skills is what has made you successful, you will love this episode. The podcast features Bridgette Lovett, wife of the our co-host Todd Lovett. We embark on a conversation about life skills that I came across from an article on the 8 Life Skills All 18 years old Should have•website Today.com: 8 Life Skills All 18 Year Old Should Have.  This was an opportunity to assess how their son Charlie “measures up” and scores on this checklist. You can view this checklist and see how your child’s life skills compares.

  1. An 18 year old must be able to talk to strangers
  2. An 18 year old must be able to find his way around a campus, the town in which her summer internship is located, or the city where he is working or studying abroad.
  3. An eighteen year old must be able to manage his assignments, workload and deadlines.
  4. An 18 year old must be able to contribute to the running of a household.
  5. An 18 year old must be able to handle interpersonal problems.
  6. An 18 year old must be able to cope with ups and downs of courses and workloads, college-level work, competition, tough teachers, bosses and others.
  7. An 18 year old must be able to earn and manage money.
  8. An 18 year old must be able to take risks.

Do you think there are “other life skills that should be added to this list” Leave us a comment below. #howtoraiseanadult


Ep. 29 Scholarship Success Story: Meet Briana!

Scholarship Success: How to stand outIn this episode, we present another parents/student scholarship success story. We want to introduce Brianna J., daughter of Aretha and Kevin.  She is currently a freshman at Hampton University in Virginia. She and her mother talk in depth about the college search process, extracurricular activities, applying for local scholarship, sports (volleyball), HBCU and her entire journey.

The colleges & links mentioned in this episode:

Rutgers University

Morgan State University

Fairleigh Dickinson University

University of Maryland

Loyola University

Kean University

Howard University

Spelman College

Temple University

Ramapo College


The Common Application

Jack and Jill of America, Inc.


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Tips for parents & students:

  1. Plan, Plan, Plan – start as early as possible, for example account for expenses related to additional tutoring and what the financial impact for applying to many schools can be on your pocketbook.
  2. Be committed to the process. Use social media as a vehicle to find your scholarship.
  3. Find a way to handle stress in senior year with deadlines (exercise, go for a walk, etc…)
  4. Don’t procrastinate! Learn good time management techniques. Start college and scholarship essays as early as possible.



Ep.10 Utilizing an Academic Life Coach for Your College Bound Student

We welcome to The College Money Maze Podcast a guest expert and fellow podcaster – Gretchen Wegner. She is a co-host of the College Prep Podcast and is also an Academic Life Coach.

Gretchen WegnerGretchen is an Academic Life Coach and Creativity Consultant that specializes in the “Anti-Boring” approach to studying and creating better life skills. She is fascinated with the

interplay between our brains and our bodies and uses her theatrical experience in her coaching with students. She talks at great length about the difference between a “tutor” vs. “academic life coach”.

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TWEET THIS: Perfectionism and Procrastination are two sides of the same coin.

-Gretchen Wegner


Her tips for not-stressing out on the admissions tests:

  • Create a routine & reward system for yourself
  • Study groups are always helpful
  • Take as many practice tests as possible
  • Check out the YouTube channel for Megan Dorsey (her co-host on the College Prep Podcast) for other tips on the SAT & ACT – MEGAN DORSEY

Links to contact her and her resources:


Anti-Boring Technique Course



Ep. 4 Scholarship Search Expert: Ashley Hill

In this episode of The College Money Maze Podcast, we have our first guest expert, Ashley Hill (author, blogger, speaker)from collegeprepready.com. She details her background and experience with researching and securing over $10k in scholarship/internships while attending Kent State University in Ohio and received her Master’s Degree from A.T. Still University.

Scholarship Strategist Ashley Hill

Scholarship Strategist Ashley Hill

After college, she started her own business as a Scholarship Search Strategist and assists families who don’t qualify for financial aid and feel overwhelmed with paying for college. She is the author of the book – Celebrating the Journey: Rediscovering Me. Use our affiliate link for Amazon and pick it up HERE.Ashley hosts a weekly Twitter chat @9pm EST #collegechat

Ashley’s top tips for creating the best profile to win those scholarships in 2015 (other than merit based):

  • Include volunteer experience
  • Highlight your leadership skills
  • Diversify your activities
  • Chronicle your academic achievements

Ashley even talks about the scholarships for college students in their 2nd, 3rd, 4th and graduate students.

Best resource that she suggests for searching for scholarships:


Sallie Mae Scholarships Toolkit

Scholarships Books – Shop at Amazon.com

How to Contact Ashley:


Contact her on Twitter – @Prepfourcollege

Ashley’s Facebook Page – Prep4College

Ashley’s You Tube Channel

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