Ep. 68 Reconsidering Community College? They Have Dorms Now!

Community College with Dorms

Community College w/ Dorms, a new concept

We have a brief overview of the article and the topic of community college with dorms and meal plans across the country. I first came across a great article from the website diycollegerankings.com, Cutting College Costs: 209 Community College with Dorms.

This might change the game for some people. Community colleges are admittedly less costly than a traditional four year institution. A community college with dorms might be able to compete for attention now. The reason for this expansion is simple, dollars and sense. It makes sense because it can bring in more dollars!

Students can take their core general courses, take supplemental courses, take specialized certification programs, take remedial courses to get up to college level etc… There is something there for everyone to take advantage of. Community colleges are trying to improve their image. They now have honor programs, honor societies and even sports for students to participate in.

Considering a list from your state of a community college with dorms allows you to stay on campus, focus on your studies without the hassle of commuting. Currently, Texas has the most with 29 followed by New York and Kansas. NJ has 1 and PA has 7 schools.

If they are trying to compete with larger state institutions such as RUTGERS UNIVERSITY who now is focusing on attracting higher achieving low-income students with their Future Scholars program is a losing game. They will get swallowed up. Making themselves nimble and more attractive with dorms and meal plans, allows that low-income student to stay close to home at a lower price point.

I suggest you take a look at the original article with the list and see which schools in your state now have dorms.

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