Ep.1 Welcome and Introduction

This is the first episode of The College Money Maze Podcast hosted by Ellen Reaves and Todd Lovett – a dynamic brother/sister duo. We intend to share “success stories” of parents and students, educate you about college prep resources, discuss college financial aid and announce scholarships you may qualify for.

The inspiration for starting this podcast came out of the “real-life” conversations we have all the time about our college experiences, commenting on other colleges and whose child was accepted where, often wondering how they accomplished it.

I think we are either fascinated or slightly obsessed with this topic, largely due to Todd and his wife Bridgette’s quest to find money for their children’s college education. We toyed around with the idea of talking with other parents who have been successful at this and wondering why does it seem that no one is really sharing that information.

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I came up with the concept of the podcast as a way of talking with other parents to tell “their story”, highlight their journey and at the same time, chronicling Todd’s families’ quest to finding financial resources for college education.

Listen in as we talk about our backgrounds, the high schools we went to, our experience and motivations to attend Rutgers University (with Todd taking a detour to NJIT and Rutgers University in Newark, NJ).

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