Ep. 78 Track & Organize You Way Into College

OrganizeTodd and I have a great conversation with Jordan Schanda of SCHOLAR PREP, a college planning system to organize and document activities, achievements and courses. She starts off talking about her journey into college (University of Arkansas), how she was focused from the beginning and realized early on the benefit of organizing all of her information. When she graduated, she created a “binder” to help her younger brother whom she knew was not like her and needed a way to organize his information as an athlete wanting to go to college. The birth of the SCHOLAR PREP Organizer System.

This system now has an online companion course as well as a curriculum for schools and counselors to follow for students to get on the right track towards college.

If you are a counselor, we are aware of your limited time available to spend with each student.  This curriculum is the perfect compliment to your guidance or you can give this to the student for them to utilize with their parent as a supplement to the other college prep information that you share.

This system is designed to for the student/parent to be self sufficient in the college admission process. It guides you weekly an monthly in terms of what the student should be focusing on and not get overwhelmed. It has a timeline that you follow all four years of high school or pick it up anywhere in between.

Grab your copy of this college planning/tracking/organizing system or course. Click on the image to get your SCHOLAR Prep System.


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