Ep. 60 Academics + Athletics = Admissions, A Scholarship Success Story in Athletic Recruiting

athletic recruiting

Athletic Recruiting Success Story

Scholarship success can be different for everyone, especially with athletic recruiting thrown in the mix.

YOUR path to finding money to pay for college can also involve full or partial athletic scholarships.

In today’s episode, we talk with Mr. Terrence Powell who tells the story of his journey with his son and the athletic recruiting process.  How you navigate college athletics along with also exploring merit scholarships is fascinating to listen to.  Make sure you listen all the way to the end.

“If you are not a top tier athlete, colleges are not looking for you.  Get on their radar!”

He gives his best tips looking back on his journey to help other parents:

  1. START EARLY (like when they are HS Freshman!)
  2. Consider additional personal training outside the high school environment.
  3. Have your child complete a Student Athlete Prospect Profile at each school they are interested in.
  4. Do your research on Merit Aid/Scholarships that each school offers. This will help if a particular coach does not want to give a full scholarship.  You can use this as leverage.
  5. Visit more schools ahead of time to see what type of environment appeals to your child.
  6. Explore other scholarships outside the school to fill the gap.

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Ep. 51 Top 5 Tips for the Student Athlete

This episode of the podcast is a conversation with an experienced high school counselor, Student Athletestudent athlete consultant and business owner, Sonya Duval of Achievement Matters Consulting. She talks in detail about her experience working with students, her passion of helping them become “student loan/college debt free”, scholarships and gives tips for the student athlete.


Top 5 Tips for the Student Athlete

  1. Recruitment starts in the 9th grade for a student athlete (and even in middle school in some areas).  Do well all four years of high school as well as on your SAT & ACT tests. Grades are very important in the college admission process. There is a difference in being looked at by coaches versus getting accepted into college.
  2. Work on your athletic skills at the same time. Go beyond the everyday practice with the coach, put in the extra work to become stronger, better at the sport which shows your self-discipline.
  3. Ask your student athlete what they want to do in terms of their career before the junior year (major).
  4. Learn to NOT be a “REACTIVE” student athlete player. Instead, be PROACTIVE and seek out the schools and coaches that interest you. Don’t sit around waiting for someone to notice you.
  5. Develop an EXPOSURE PLAN. This is a plan to get YOU in front of people who could potentially offer you an athletic scholarships. Put together a PACKAGE which contains your athletic profile, your letter of interest for that school and highlight film.  This PACKAGE should be sent out in spring of their junior year (she gives an example of a email blitz of a student’s package to 70 coaches).

“Leadership and Character Does Count!”

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Ep. 19 Creating College Lists for the Home Schooled Student Athlete – DIY Style

Michelle-Kretzschmar-250Our guest on the podcast today is Michelle Kretzschmar, author and founder of DIYCollegeRankings.com.  Here website is a resource for parents interested in a streamlined approach to college recruiting for the student athlete as well as searchable college lists (in Excel) that contain demographics and ranking criteria.

This searchable spreadsheet is great for anyone that loves research, loves data and wants the information at your fingertips. This will save you time from going to each of the college websites and be able to compare your choices, side by side.  The existing search options are confusing and hard the data is hard to locate.

She is the author of Creating College Lists: Your Guide to Using College Website to Pay Less for a Better EducationShe writes in detail about how imperative it is to narrow down your search for college by analyzing the correct variables on each college’s website.  The benefit is that she has done it for you to save time and more important MONEY!  You can pick up her book (using our affiliate link, we will earn a commission and you help support the show) on our resource page HERE or get it on AMAZON HERE.

If you are child is interested in playing college baseball, soccer or softball you can find Michelle’s college lists and searchable spreadsheets for these specific sports on her website.  She charges a nominal fee for these spreadsheets but you SAVE time and money because she has done all of the research for you. You can access them by clicking on our affiliate links below:
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Baseball Spreadsheet!
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