Ep. 62 Who Would Vote for College Affordability? The 2016 Presidential Election

Raise your hand if you would vote yes for college affordability in this electionCollege Affordability? I raised my hand, did you?  This episode is a summary (based on a couple of blog posts from www.savingforcollege.com) of the current proposals about education and college affordability from our Presidential Candidates: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

If it were possible to set aside your current party affiliation or political views, what would your life be like if you did not have to pay back student loan debt? Or could you benefit from extra money that the college will award because they are passing on their tax breaks directly to students?  These are all options on the table right now.

Which will you choose? Leave us a comment on your position on the topic and how it affects you?

Donald Trump Vs. Hillary Clinton – An infographic by the team at Donald Trump Vs. Hillary Clinton


For more information on Hillary Clinton’s plan click here.

Trump’s student plan is here in a more detailed summary by Inside Higher Ed.

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