Ep. 64 Scholarships for Students With Disabilities

Scholarships for Students w/DisabilitiesFinancing a college education can be a daunting task. Now add the complexity of having students with a disability. We came across this topic from a friend who posted on Facebook that her child was going to community college and that the State Department of Developmental Disabilities was not very helpful in helping her find scholarships. This episode is our conversation about funding and discussion on resources for any student with a disability who is interested in pursuing a college education.

This is a topic not talked about much often. Click on the link which will take you directly to our source THINK COLLEGE! and Affordable Colleges Online.  They are probably the most comprehensive information we have found thus far.  If you come across anything else, please share in our FACEBOOK COMMUNITY which is where we post many other scholarships.

Information about FUNDING SOURCES (Medicaid, Vocational Agencies etc..)

Scholarships by Disability

Attention Deficit Disorder


General Disability

Hearing Impairment

Learning & Cognitive Disability

Physical Disabilities

Speech Disorder

Visual Disabilities

This is by no means an all inclusive list, just a start of the conversation. There are programs available that are financed by the federal or state government that can provide assistance.  It takes perseverance, patience and persistence to get it done. I am sure you know that by now if your child has any king of disability.

If you and your family have been dealing with this for the past 17+ years, you guys are probably the experts and need to tell us a thing or two of what to do and where to go for additional resources!