Ep. 50 Unique Summer Scholarship Bonanza – I Bet You Never Heard of THESE…

Summer SchWe are very excited to have made it to Episode #50 Unique Summer Scholarships.  We thank you for sticking around with us as we figure this stuff out and give you all the good stuff we find!

This episode is jam packed with unique scholarships. We talk briefly about each one and the links are included below.  Many have deadlines in July or August so don’t waste time this summer!


Flavor of the Month Essay Contest – If you were ice cream, what flavor would you be? Deadline 7/31/16 $1500

Make Me Laugh – Something you want to share with the world that is funny in 250 words or less. Deadline 8/31/16 $1500

Shout it Out – Any important message to tell the world in 250 words or less. Deadline 9/30/16 $1500

Fashion Institute for Design & Merchandising – Submit a project or design in one of the categories on their website. Deadline varies 100% of tuition is the award

I Scream, You Scream – Submit an essay about your favorite ice cream flavor. Deadline 7/31/16 $1000

Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship – write an essay about your survival plan if your town was overrun with zombies. Deadline 10/31/16 $2000

Education Matters – Write an essay about what you would say to someone who thinks education is a waste of time. How would you convince them? Deadline 11/30/16 $5000

Top 10 List – In 250 words or less, list 10 reasons why you should receive this scholarship. Deadline 12/31/16 $1500

American Assembly for Men in Nursing – 5 different scholarships $1000- $5000 Deadline 7/1/16 (CLOSED)

Use your phone to unlock a donation. This is another texting game in which you earn a chance to when the scholarship and earn donations for local libraries.

Adelante-Miller Coors National Scholarship – Open only to residents of NY, NM, TX, AK, CA & FL. You must demonstrate a financial need . Deadline varies $31,000

I Have A Dream Scholarship – (No, nothing to do with MLK at all) 250 words or less, tell them n detailed story about a recent or past dream that you have had. Deadline 1/31/17 $1500

TENSHON Scholarship – For those considering architecture, design or engineering majors. You will be required to design a sail (for a boat). Deadline 7/15/16 $1500

Sweet & Simple Scholarship – In 250 words or less, describe a simple “gift” that has impacted you in some way or meant a lot to you. Deadline 2/28/17 $1500

Super Power Scholarship – Submit an essay about a story in which you trade places with a superhero or a villain for a day. Deadline 3/31/17 $2500

All about Education – In 250 words or less, tell what a scholarship would mean for you, what would you be able to do? Deadline 4/30/17 $3000

Voice of Democracy – (Open to highs school students) Enter this competition to write and record a script for a broadcast on the topic – “My responsibility to America”. Deadline 11/1/16 $30,000

Patriots Pen Youth Essay Contest – (Open to high school freshman to graduate students) Enter to win in this voting competition. Go to their website each day, select a topic and vote if you agree with their opinion.

Constitution Connection scholarship –  Sponsored by the Bill of Rights Institute (Open to middle school students 6th-8th grade up to age 14) Write a 500-5000 word essay about “The America I believe in”. CLOSED

Course Hero – Write a summary about a course you have taken and provide guidance to another student. Deadline 7/31/16 $3000

You, Me & Poetry Scholarship Slam – submit an original poem on any topic. Deadline 7/13/16 $1000

Nadrich & Cohen Civil Justice Scholarship – Open to those pursuing a law degree. 750-1000 word essay on the importance of jury trials in our society. Deadline 7/15/16 $1000

Varsity Tutors Scholarship – 200-900 word essay on the most important lesson you have learned from a teacher or tutor. Deadline 7/15/16 $1000

From Failure to Promise Essay Contest – Answer 3 questions in response to the book (From Failure to Promise: 360 Degrees) written by Dr. C. Moorer. Deadline 7/31/16 $10,000

Ralph Johnson Bunche Distinguished Graduate Scholarship – open to 1st year graduate students at Rutgers University, Newark School of Law. Deadline varies $15,000

D.J. Lovell Scholarship – This is for students studying optical science & engineering. CLOSED $11,000

William Randolph Hearst Endowed Fellowship For Minority Students – open to minority students. Also have to be able to attend 12 week internship in Washington, D.C. Deadline varies $5000

Lexis/Nexis John R. Johnson Scholarship – Open to those students studying Law Librarianship.

Justice Sandra O’Connor Merit Scholarship100% of tuition, open to a 1st year graduate student at the New England School of Law.

Astronaut Scholarship in Science & Technology – Open to students majoring in engineering, science or technology (STEM) and must attend participating institution & be nominated by an advisor. Deadline varies $10,000

Atlanta Dental Spa Award Scholarship – Create & submit a 2 minute video about what you would do to make people smile in life. Deadline 7/31/16 $1000

Naval History Essay Contest – submit a 3000 word essay on women and their contribution to make it possible to build the finest military. Deadline 7/31/16 $1500-$5000

Women in International Trade Scholarship – open to female undergrad or graduate students. Submit a 3-5 page essay on the significant changes in the US/Cuba trade relations, especially following the recent loosening of restrictions on trade and travel. Deadlines 7/15/16 $1500

Liberty Power Bright Horizon Scholarship – multiple awards, STEM majors and those looking for a career in energy or the environment. Deadline 7/29/16 $4000- $10,000

Task Easy for Future Entrepreneurs – submit a 60-120 second video or 400-500 word essay about an obstacle that you had to overcome, the resources you used and the inspiration along the way. Deadline 7/30/16 $1000 (3 awards)

Microsoft Business Internship

David Letterman Telecommunication Scholarship (Ball State University only) – scholarship available for creative project students $3333 – $10,000

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